Procedure Writing Training

This per-day based course is designed to apply the principles of writing Met/Cal Procedures in focused way according to the direction the client wants their system to enhance their business.

By defining the prime requirements of the system(s) the elements of Met/Cal that are applicable to the client are explained in detail with as many practical examples as necessary. The remaining general capabilities of Met/Cal are then highlighted in order to show the client the flexibility available. This is necessary to allow the system to grow/expand/diversify as the changing business requirements demand.

This course is usually booked in sessions of two or more days in order to fully cover the clients' requirements of the system.

The course begins with a presentation of the functions and features of Met/Cal to ensure that the basic details of the software are known.
A 'hands on' training structure is followed where all the common elements of procedures are described, e.g.: screen operator messages, instrument control, specification entry, system function and 'data’ memory allocation features.
Then the focus shifts to the specifics that will give the productivity the software was purchased for. This could be, for example, only manual calibration or maybe predominately IEEE closed case.
The capabilities of the database functions and their relationships are included.

The training process involves the production of a working 'non-specific instrument' procedure, heavily documented as the process being followed progresses.
This becomes a self-teaching ‘aid memoir’ procedure that can be refereed to at later dates in order to refresh a particular function or to develop a new technique to resolve a particular test process.

If not done so already, the various Met/Cal Utility Modules can be installed, and their basic functions gone through to show how they can be productively employed to make the procedure writers / system operators task easier.

This course should normally be preceded by the Met/Cal Installation session, which goes through all the installation/customising elements to set up a working calibration system.

Details of Met/Cal Installation are available on a separate page.

As with any training, discussions with the client will resolve the need as to whether two or more day's training is advisable and to what extent and focus it should follow.