Procedure Writing Service

This service offered to reduce the workload on those companies where work throughput exceeds the amount of time allowed to develop the necessary operational procedures for their Met/Cal system. This is frequently, of course, a vicious circle, where the benefits of the automation process cannot be reaped by the very pressure of work that prompted the original purchase and anticipated savings.
The costs involved in purchasing a procedure will be rapidly re-covered with each and every subsequent use of that procedure.

By the very nature of the process, the procedures required will vary from client to client. thus it is not practical to offer a 'standard price list', however there are a number of similar processes where some commonality exists and it is possible to quote at some starter prices.

A typical 3½ digit Handheld Digital Multimeter where no graphics are required would be around £55. This would include 'comment' throughout the procedure to allow the self-documenting process of Met/Cal to be enhanced. This will assist any auditor that needed to verify the calibration process being used.
If graphic content within the procedure is required this can be negotiated and will depend on the calibration equipment & complexity necessary.

Beyond this level procedures tend to be more ‘unique’ and discussion with the client will be required to determine the ‘content’ and its complexity to arrive at a value. In some instances this may require visits to the clients site and making use of the customer's equipment to complete the final procedure. These charges will be included in the price. Full after support is naturally included.

The client will be responsible for supplying the test data needed for a specific procedure (e.g. specifications/special graphics requirements/manuals etc.) and any detailed process to be followed in order to accord to the clients' quality procedures/house style. Any property of the client used in development will be returned.

A one-to-one dialogue between the client and MTS will determine the amount of work required for a specific procedure and every effort will be made to stay 'within budget' on any estimate.