Met/Track Training

This one-day course is designed to speed the assimilation of the Met/Track database; its functions and customising features plus an introduction to the report writer.

Just as each business has its own identity, its need for using and storing data in electronic format is equally unique.

It is assumed for this course that a Met/Cal Installation session has been carried out.

The session begins with an outline of the various data tables that constitute Met/Track and their interaction with each other.
A check is made on the assignment of users and their passwords; (this is usually done on Installation).
The customising features of Met/Track are then covered, including the arrangement of screen layouts, the terminology of screen data field titles to match the clients in house style, the creation of 'validation files' to reduce the risk of wrongful data entry etc.

An introduction to the basics of the report writer follows, with examples of how to construct simple reports using the installed 'wizard'.

Finally, if applicable, the methods by which electronic data from another database program can be imported into Met/Track are covered. This import process can reduce the system set-up/commissioning time considerably.
If time allows and the data is to hand a trial import can be undertaken to confirm the process.

This one-day course is usually preceded by the Metcal Installation session, which prepares the installation/customising elements to set up a working calibration system in Met/Track mode.

Details of the Metcal Installation/Training Course are available on a separate page.

As with any training, discussions with the client will resolve whether additional training is advisable and to what extent and focus it should follow.