Crystal Reports Training

This normally one-day course is organised to apply the basic principles of writing reports to be used with Met/Cal or Met/Track.

The prime elements of Crystal Reports are explained with as many practical examples as necessary. The general principles of using reports with Met/Cal are covered together with the integration of 'run time' reports within Met/Cal.

A 'hands on' approach with a basic structure is followed. All the common elements of a report are described, the report construction 'wizards' and report 'styles' explained, functions of the various 'sections' of a report, page count, inclusion of 'selection formula', grouping & summaries and the incorporation of company logos' highlighted. The relationship with the Met/Cal database structure is also covered. The Course notes booklet is retained, which is used for follow up self-training using the included 'screen shots' to quickly refresh a particular process.

This per-day course would normally be preceded by the Metcal Installation session, where the installation process sets up a working calibration system upon which the Crystal Reports documents will base the data retrieval on.

Details of the Met/Cal Installation are available on a separate page.

Normally one day will cover the syllabus but as with any training, discussions with the client will resolve the need as to whether one or more day's training is advisable and to what extent and focus it should follow.